Besitzarbeit VIII: Jüngstes Gericht, 2000, installation view
at Kunsthalle Mannheim, September 2000

After studying examples of Giotto in Padua and Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, the artist turned to exploring the theme of the Last Judgement with his own home furnishings. Unlike the figurative representations familiar from art history, this Last Judgement is kept abstract, but maintains the iconography which has developed over the centuries: Christ as the final judge is positioned in the center, to his right and above we find paradise, below and to his left hell is portrayed in a car trunk, and the descent into hell is routed over an ironing board and through the sun roof of the artist’s car, whereas the resurrection occurs under the hood. The judge of the world is flanked by the Mother of God, John the Baptist, and the archangel Michael carrying the scale to weigh souls.